Thursday, May 28, 2009

B Happy

It’s 8:05am and class has started.  Don bought me a coffee…my first one in about a month (I know, down from my weekly addiction…but I’m a grad student, funds are low).  I got to the front of the line and ordered my Tall, Skinny Wild Zebra (with whipped cream on top) and a bagel (sliced, toasted, with butter) to go.  And the lady at the counter said, “The guy behind you is buying drinks today."  I thought she meant for his work…like he’s taking ten drinks to his office.  So when she said, “It’ll be $1.67” I replied with, “Are you going to charge me for the drink?” 

I know, it wasn’t even 8a at that point.  I walked down the counter and asked the lady making my drink, “Who is that guy?”

“Oh, that’s Bob.  …The co-founder of Biggby.”  He’s also the CEO.

That made my day.  Don was going to buy me a coffee but heck, when the co-founder of your favorite coffee place buys my coffee, Don takes a back seat.  Sorry hubby…you can have the front seat on the way to the airport Sunday.

I blog because that made my day.  I would have loved to stay and chatted with Bob but I had to get off to class…man, this class is definitely getting in my way!  First, the wedding, now this…  (Note to self:) I guess I should take a hint that summer was never meant for classes. 

Bob has a blog:  He also told me there are tons of drinks not on the menu.  Why not?  I’d probably venture outside of my norm.

Thanks for the Coffee Bob!

Oh yeah, I got a 95 on my Group Therapy Paper that was due yesterday.  Thanks for your prayers!

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BIGGBY BOB said...

Kelly, it was great to meet you (in passing) and have the opportunity to buy your drink!

Biggby Bob